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Azure is a leading catering and hospitality company specialising in the Stadia, Sports and Leisure sector, providing services to a portfolio of clients in football, rugby and cricket.

Our clients include Queens Park Rangers, Nottingham Forest, Rangers at Ibrox, Scottish Rugby at BT Murrayfield and cricket at County Durham’s The Emirates Durham International Cricket Ground.

Stadia Venues

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  • Oldham Athletic
  • Queens Park Rangers
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Azure is part of Elior, one of the leading European contract catering companies with 12,000 employees in the UK working on over 650 client sites. To maximise the value we offer to clients we operate through business teams that are dedicated to meeting the exact needs of different market sectors.


Stadia Venues

Azure’s specialist stadia catering team enable clients to develop the full commercial potential and reputation of their stadia as venues that provide a great all-round customer experience.

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Menu & Service

We invest in world class resources to ensure best practice consistently in all our services; at the same time we are completely focused on our individual clients and the daily quality of our service in every site.

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